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About Our College

Azad Hind Fouz Smriti Mahavidyalaya, affiliated to the University of Calcutta, started its journey on 8th October 1986. Its location is ideal for an educational institution. It is far enough from the hub of overpopulated areas and yet easily accessible by bus and rail. As the College is located beside the Howrah – Amta Road, the facility of regular bus service can be availed of to reach the College. Hence students from the adjoining region of the Howrah district as well as from the neighbouring Hooghly and even Midnapore, come here for higher education.
At present the College imparts Honours Courses in English, Bengali, Geography, History and Education and General Courses in English, Bengali, Sanskrit, Education, Philosophy, Geography, Economics, Mathematics, History, Political Science and B.Com. The College is committed to provide quality education at the undergraduate level to students irrespective of caste, creed, religious and gender. The mission of the College is to enable the students to live fruitful lives and make meaningful contributions to the community.
The mission of the college is to enable the students to live fruitful lives and make meaningful contributions to the community. The vision of our college is to reach out to the vast hinterland and rejuvenate the young minds with the message enshrined in the Rig Veda – śraddhāvān labhate jñānam – “The reverent attains wisdom.” This is in itself is a difficult task as it requires the active co-operation of all the stakeholders – the students, teachers and the non-teaching staff, and the community at large – and their commitment to maintain an atmosphere of academic integrity within the campus, and at the same time, be conscious of their social responsibility, outside the boundary of the institution.
From a humble beginning the College has made a slow but steady progress. The College is aware of the necessity to get itself assessed by the expert team of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), an autonomous institution under the University Grants Commission. For us NAAC is a guardian of quality in Higher Education and its assessment provides the occasion to assess our own strengths and weaknesses and also gives us a guideline for the future growth of the institution. The college has entered the accreditation process and hopes to get itself evaluated in the near future.
The management of the College, under the present set up is vested in the Principal who in consultation with and on the advice of the Governing Body administers the institution. The present Governing Body is formed as per provisions of Clause 93 of the Calcutta University First Statutes, 1979 and its subsequent amendments. As the apex body it regulates all endeavours of the College.